The Missing E

pv2Living in semi-rural Wisconsin, we have several bars, sometimes referred to as taverns, that can be found throughout the area. Some are small “mom and pop” types of places–some have a full kitchen and a tasty menu–others have banquet areas for weddings or local business meetings. Burgers, wings, beer–you get the idea.

They are perfect venues for spending time with friends. And with so many to choose from, you could go to a different place every week (for a traditional Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry of course) or be loyal to a favorite few. Here is a sign I found outside of a bar that is near my home. Continue reading



I just finished listening to Strangers, by Dean Koontz–a fascinating story of mystery, deception, friendship and love. It is about a group of strangers who all have something in common and that something is quite the secret–drawn together by a desire to know the truth.

Coincidentally, the title of this latest painting is also Strangers. This painting is about strangers; people who live together yet apart, as in the case of a multi-level apartment building or a condo complex. Continue reading

Advice From a Tortoise.

moring_splicer_9739lrMeet Splicer, a Redfoot tortoise. Since he is a rescue, his age is unknown. Although there are ways of figuring this out, we haven’t taken the opportunity to do so; but we have been told that he will live to be 50-75 years old.

Reptiles, the bigger category that Splicer belongs to, are one of the most ancient forms of life. They have survived for millions of years–and probably relatively unchanged. He is the picture of being grounded–he is slow and methodical. He doesn’t need to rush; he lives as if he has all the time in the world. Continue reading