Finding the Sparkle.

myI have a fondness for costume jewelry from the 40’s and 50’s, the more sparkles the better. But the type of sparkle I’m referring to in this post is more of a creative one. When I am painting, I constantly look for “sparkles” along the way. I start off with the original idea and begin the process of creating color relationships; with the subject or with the palette. The sparkles are the “a-ha” moments–where I find that this particular color compliments the shade next to it, where one area of the painting flows into the neighboring area so perfectly, that it sparkles. But becoming aware of sparkles is not just related to visual creativity.

They can occur at your job–your boss gives an unexpected compliment, you and your colleagues all agree on a next step, you flew thru a mound of tasks in a shorter time than expected leaving you feeling oh so organized, there are many examples. Or what about at home–some surprise support that you weren’t counting on, or a longer nap than usual giving you busy parents a bit more extra time–all of these are sparkles.

Recognizing them helps us to begin to live creatively. We can look at our lives, even in the most mundane times and find a sparkle. Think of them as a gift. An unexpected gift can allow us to stop and smile, to be grateful, to help us realize that there is a multitude of support and kindness that we sometimes take for granted. When something in your daily life falls into some type of unexpected alignment, you have found a sparkle. Acknowledge it and be grateful. That is living creatively.

4 thoughts on “Finding the Sparkle.

  1. Beautiful sentiments, Roberta. I get a sparkle whenever I meet a neighbour when walking my dog. I know most of them through “dog talk”. 😊 There is definitely a sparkle in this post. ☺️


      1. Wow, thanks so much Roberta! I’ve been struggling a lot with migraines, so haven’t been online much lately. Your compliment has spurred me on to get a post done as soon as I can!


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