Simple Moments of Joy.

b2I have the privilege of having a dear friend who is celebrating being cancer-free for six years. She went thru emotional chaos and an extensive treatment program. Her bravery was impressive, to say the least. She credits much of her emotional triumph over the situation to a variety of support tactics. One such tactic became one of my personal affirmations–to never stop looking for simple moments of joy.

“I cannot let this take over everything. I cannot let it take joy away from me.”  She wanted to still feel joy, even though her situation was frightening and joyless. So, she found joy in the simple moments: when she looked at the flowers planted along the sidewalk where she walked into the treatment center, at the light reflected on the tree outside the window where she sat while receiving chemo, for the appreciation of her pillow and couch at home because she knew exhaustion would take over soon, for a smile and a hello from a stranger, for the song of a cardinal in the distance…she said she could go on and on. Some may sound simple and mundane to someone not in her situation, but to her they were the reasons she got up in the morning.

Life is made up of simple joys–and she continues to look for, find and be grateful for them–long after her treatments have been over. It is now a way of life.

There are plenty of situations that send our emotional well-being spinning out of control; some may not be as traumatic as a serious illness or the death of a loved one, but the loss of a job, a broken heart, a not so stellar performance review–the list can be very long indeed. Next time you find your emotional well-being taken advantage of, take a moment to recognize the joys that are right there for the finding. Don’t take them for granted. They can be a beacon of support for you, if you let them.

Hope you enjoy one of the many simple moments from my day–a smile on my Sophie’s face.


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