Bold Enough to be Vocal.

PaulieThe muse for my latest painting is Pauly, our Indian Ring-Necked parakeet. We adopted Pauly from an avian center and just like other parents of adopted animals, I find myself asking the question–who adopted who.

It’s easy for Pauly to be a source of inspiration because his feathers range from a serenity blue to a dusty rose–perfect for my painting style. But he is more than a living study in color relationships. He is also a teacher.

Pauly took a while to feel comfortable in his new home. He was quiet and didn’t talk; even though his previous owner had taught him several words. He observed a lot; thinking that was a bit safer to start with. He watched us. He watched the other pets. He listened. And observed some more. He was hesitant until he felt comfortable expressing himself. And that was his lesson to me–to be bold enough to be vocal.

I have not been vocal about my art–most of my colleagues do not know I paint and even family members do not know the extent to which I do. But, observing Pauly’s transition has made me ask myself the question–why not? Why don’t I talk about my art–why don’t I open an e-commerce site? I have had a variety of reasons; mostly thought patterns and limiting beliefs that have no basis. We all have them; but they can be hard to change. But I am starting to change those patterns–and the first step is creating this blog.

It only took Pauly a couple of weeks and me–well, years. But we have both found our voice and we are both using it. Pauly now tells everyone who visits that he is a pretty bird. He barks along with Sophie. He whistles. He mimics the birds outside his window. He laughs when his belly is tickled and he gives kisses to anyone who wants them.

As for me, I will continue to post about my creative path, my works in progress and the random reflections that continue to emphasize the importance of simple joys and finding sparkles.



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