From Possibilities to Singing.

IMG_0588I think about possibilities every time I paint: what will happen if I put this color next to this one, what if I use a darker shade here, what if I make this color band thinner, what if I put on another layer of that one–endless.

Because of this, getting to a finished painting could be a challenge. But instead of looking at the myriad of possibilities out of fear; I appreciate them. I am grateful for all of them. There are so many combinations of color and line widths and subject matter that I can use as an artist; and it’s up to me to figure it out, to make wise choices and create a painting that I know will sing.

Possibilities are everywhere and we can either let the number of them overrule our common sense and ruin the appreciation for having so many of them or we can decide to embrace them and try to make good choices from this abundance.

Not-so-good choices are usually made when we are overwhelmed or tired or scared. And that can be a lot of the time. When we make a wrong choice and we or someone else suffers; we still have another choice to make. What am I going to do about this choice that I made–will I play the victim, will I blame others or will I say “yep–not such a good choice here” and move on.

Continuing to mine the reasons behind the bad choice doesn’t get us anywhere. Respect yourself for 1) making a choice and 2) realizing that you did the best you could do at the time. Most of the time our best (before the choice) isn’t the best we are at now. But the point is, you were doing your best at the time.

And then move on. Even if it is the ultimate baby step–recognizing a simple moment of joy.

Move forward. If you must look back and continue mining–do a time-lapse version. Although relationships with color are much more forgiving than our relationships with each other, it is still the same approach. When I make a not-so-good choice, I start to work on a resolution–sometimes it’s an easy fix, sometimes I have to change a delivery date and sometimes it can’t be fixed and that means I start over. But I move forward–even if there are consequences I need to deal with along the way. There are oceans of possibilities out there–if we find we have made a not-so-good choice from one of them, we can go in and grab another.

You’ll hear the singing in no time.

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