Cynicism vs. Wisdom

RMP_Heart_NS_285pxI am fortunate to have a never-ending supply of subject matter to paint since I draw inspiration from the ordinary, from things that we see or use every day.

I am grateful for these comforts, for these common items that I have painted into tapestries of everyday inspirations.

There is nothing wrong with routine–there are those of us who welcome it after a particularly chaotic situation; of going home and doing a mundane task that doesn’t cause you to work thru lunch, that doesn’t demand that you think about working leaner–or any other type of shadow that can be hanging about while you are fulfilling your responsibilities at a day job. I have found that cleaning is very therapeutic for me. Dishes will never gossip behind my back–the vacuum cleaner will not throw me under the bus. For those of you who enjoy working in the yard–I doubt if your lawn mower will take credit for your ideas to impress the boss. There is comfort in knowing that you do not have to watch your back while doing these routine tasks. Perhaps that is why I paint what I do. To give gratitude to the routine, to the everyday inspirations.

I know there are others who don’t feel like I do; that need a faster pace and more complicated inspiration, who want to rise to the top, no matter what it takes. And that’s fine–it is not my job to judge them.

I admit that I do feel myself caring more about what my pets think of me than what my colleagues do. And I think it is more important to be an inspiration to my son than getting kudos from my supervisor. Maybe I am turning into a cynical old lady; or maybe it’s just that I have finally learned what is important in life…

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