The Business of Art

img_0780I know a fellow artist  who is a nature photographer. She takes wonderful photos of plants and flowers. We were discussing an upcoming exhibition and the question of pricing came up. She had decided not to price her pieces. Her comment, “I don’t care if anyone buys my photos–I do it because I love it and people smile when they see my work.”  Another contributor said he will price his–he sells his work to live–and doesn’t have the luxury of not caring. And yet another claimed that pricing low is the answer–so more people could afford to buy her art.

Selling art is definitely a tricky business–whether on your own, thru a gallery or thru a representative. And then there is another approach–getting into the business of licensing art. There are thousands of successful artists and all have an opinion on the business side of art.

I know artists who license their work and I know others who say that licensing is selling out. The gentleman who sells his work to live is one that believes it is selling out. He says it is too commercial, he doesn’t feel it is a unique piece any longer. On the other hand, the “low-pricer” from our conversation above would love to see multiple pieces of her art available in a specialty store. As always, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Personally, I don’t know the ins and outs of licensing; so I don’t have an educated opinion. But what I do know is that when I saw these coffee mugs, screened with images of my work; well–they made me smile.

I don’t feel like I sold out (maybe that’s coming) but I do  feel like ordering a set for the nature photographer…

4 thoughts on “The Business of Art

  1. Selling out? No way Roberta! Were any of the great masters who had patrons considered sell-outs? Is poverty a great aim of artists? Does doing a commission which is guided in subject (and sometimes style) by the person with the dosh selling out? No, IM not so HO. Being an artist has always been a business. You have to do what you need to do to stay in the business of making art. Go for it! PS Your scarves are lovely!

    PS I also don’t think one should price low. That is more of a sell out than anything else mentioned.

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