Measure. Season. Mix. Bake.

rmp_2180b_ns_285pxSome look at cooking as a chore; others as a technique to unwind and still others as an opportunity to provide comfort and nourishment to those they love. And still others who see the tools of the trade as subjects for a painting…

I admire those who enjoy cooking and say it is relaxing. They prepare meals with focus. And I truly believe you can tell. They enjoy taking the time to savor each aroma, whether it is from macaroni and cheese or a beef bourguignon. They feel fulfilled and content when any meal–tiny or extravagant–makes the receiver feel like it was made just for them.

I don’t always have the time to prepare the meals I would like to, but I have some favorites that I go to–chicken pot pie, barbecue ribs, tender pot roast, homemade baguettes, slow-cooked brisket–just to name a few.

Whether you live to cook or cook to live; I hope seeing these everyday tools woven into a tapestry of color, will make you smile the next time you pick up the salt or measure the flour.


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