“Strangers” by roberta m.


I just finished listening to Strangers, by Dean Koontz–a fascinating story of mystery, deception, friendship and love. It is about a group of strangers who all have something in common and that something is quite the secret–drawn together by a desire to know the truth.

Coincidentally, the title of this latest painting is also Strangers. This painting is about strangers; people who live together yet apart, as in the case of a multi-level apartment building or a condo complex.

At night, with windows glowing, it is easy to become curious; wondering who lives in that unit; what are they like, what are they doing–making dinner, working, visiting with friends? The possible questions that can run thru the observer’s mind are endless. Common every-day curiosity. No evil intent, no creepy voyeurism, just common every-day curiosity.

Although our curiosity can be peaked; seldom in today’s world would we be so bold as to introduce ourselves to a  total stranger. But that’s not the message in this painting.

If there is a message; it is just to be aware that everyone does have a story and at some very high level, we are all in this together. A message to still have a sense of awe for the human race, to still appreciate others and be grateful for what we have. Same message heard throughout this holiday season but with canvas and paint instead of a verse written in a holiday card.

And the moon–it can be a symbol of day passing to night or it can be  part of a bigger truth–as discovered by that group of strangers in the Koontz novel. In this case, it is a backdrop, somewhat idealistic, but a backdrop nonetheless of peace, tranquility and good will towards men.

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