The Missing E

pv2Living in semi-rural Wisconsin, we have several bars, sometimes referred to as taverns, that can be found throughout the area. Some are small “mom and pop” types of places–some have a full kitchen and a tasty menu–others have banquet areas for weddings or local business meetings. Burgers, wings, beer–you get the idea.

They are perfect venues for spending time with friends. And with so many to choose from, you could go to a different place every week (for a traditional Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry of course) or be loyal to a favorite few. Here is a sign I found outside of a bar that is near my home.I agree–people do work hard, too hard sometimes and it is good to take a break once in a while. To catch up, to visit, to relax–just stopping your outside world for 30 minutes can do wonders for your attitude. You don’t even have to drink alcohol in that 30 minutes (although the tavern owners would probably prefer that you did.) Just be present. And relax. And not look at your phone. Talk to the person you are with or talk to the person sitting next to you, even if you don’t know them. You don’t have to become their friend; you just have to acknowledge them as another human being. And realize that it is not all about you for the next 30 minutes. All day long, we are bombarded with problems, questions, opportunities and drama. This sign is right; you do deserve to treat yourself. Everything will still be there to deal with when you get back; but shutting down for a half hour can be a very good thing. I’m not condoning drinking until you don’t remember your problems because that would just cause more problems, but I do support that sometimes we need to take that break.

I doubt that the owner of this establishment thought his sign would trigger comments for a blog. But it did, and it also encouraged this latest painting–simply entitled Cocktails. Little does he know just how inspirational that sign was–even with a missing E…



2 thoughts on “The Missing E

  1. This is so true, although my days of stopping at a bar after work have long passed. We do go out to eat every Friday at a bar, as the two are mostly the same up here. Never look at my phone, and I do talk to the people I sit next to, have a beer and fish or whatever the special is. The painting is so cool, and this one you should market to some of your favorite places, or I may buy it, if for sale. Very nice blog Roberta.
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