Wake-Up Call.

Wake Up” by roberta m.

These three words are usually heard after a sudden new health diagnosis or an unexpected accident. It’s a call to action–to start eating healthier, to start exercising, to start paying attention to your driving or to start paying attention to your loved ones.


On the other hand, it can simply refer to getting out of bed.

This painting is a tribute to our neighbor’s family pet–a beautiful but rather vocal rooster. For those that think a rooster crows only at the crack of dawn; you haven’t met this little guy. He crows all day long, into the evening. Although other neighbors may think this is annoying, we do not. We have come to think of it as a wake-up call; but not in the sense of needing to change some habit or way of thinking. It just reminds us that we are lucky enough to live in an area that allows and supports a pet rooster, or a horse, or the cows on the dairy farm down the road. An area that is not teeming with excessive noise so that we can still hear the crowing and the mooing. Little things to some, but to us; they’re big. We hear these sounds and smile.

It is a wake-up call. But instead of telling us to improve something we are doing wrong; it’s more of a call to stop and listen. To appreciate, to be grateful for something, even when facing challenges; and of course, to wake up if the windows happen to be open.

7 thoughts on “Wake-Up Call.

  1. I grew up on a small farm. Every rooster we ever had crowed all day. Never bothered me. Until one rooster. He’d “cock-a doodle….” and I’d find myself waiting for the rest of the crow. I guess it bothered Dad, too. That rooster ended up in the stew pot.


    1. Thanks for reading (and following 😀) I am listening to our local rooster and trying to imagine a partial crow coming out. Luckily for this guy, his crowing is complete!


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