Sheer Inspirations.


When someone comments that one of my paintings makes them smile or reminds them of a memory of their own, I try to think of ways to help them continue to enjoy that feeling without needing to purchase the original painting. That is how the Birds of Pleasant Valley coffee mugs (see September post) came to be. A practical object (coffee mug) + one of my paintings = a better tasting cup of coffee.


Taking this a step further, I wondered if some of my Everyday Abstractions could transform into a practical object. I researched printing processes, vendors, lead times and e-commerce platforms. The result? Sheer Inspirations.

A practical object (scarf/wrap) + a painting = a striking accessory.

Thinking outside the box does spark creativity. Looking at things differently, i.e. “the glass is half-full” or “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” or “not judging a book by its cover”–all these reminders help us to step back and re-evaluate our traditional way of thinking. And maybe we end up with a new and successful solution or a more objective or tolerant way of thinking. Or maybe we decide to go back to our traditional way of thinking. That choice is always ours.

I like to see people smile and if I can help make that happen I will–either by thinking outside the box or looking at someone with a bit more compassion…or simply by providing wearable works of art.

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