All in the Interpretation.

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People don’t look at things in the same way. One person can watch a certain situation unfolding, or a beautiful scene in nature, or even a piece of art; and have a completely different interpretation than the person next to them. It’s what makes us different…and human.

If I describe this photograph of a sunset captured by fellow blogger, HeideBlog, from her post “More Meteorological Madness”, I would focus on how the colors seem to dissolve into each other yet still remain separate segments of the composition. Others may describe the brilliance of the reds and oranges. Still others may describe a memory evoked by looking at the scene–nothing at all to do with a color palette. This photograph allows us to see a beautiful moment captured in all its glory and let’s us interpret it in our own unique way.

Using this photo as inspiration for a painting, I selected the colors that I wanted to emphasize–earth tones rising into blends of orange, red and mauve. Then, transitioning into the blues and grays of the night sky. An accent of bright gold to harmonize.




“Sunset” by roberta m.


Since you may not see colored cubes when looking at a sunset, a quote from Edgar Degas may be appropriate here:

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

I think Degas is saying that an artist can offer another way of seeing to those who are open to taking a look. The artist isn’t looking for acceptance or agreement, but just offering their view.

I chose some of the gorgeous colors from HeideBlog’s original photograph and integrated them into a completely different style of expression–it’s all in the interpretation.

Call it seeing more than one side to a story or walking in another’s shoes or looking outside the box–it’s all about accepting that we all don’t see things the same–not even a sunset.

3 thoughts on “All in the Interpretation.

  1. Oh, Roberta … what an honor (and what a huge pleasure) it is to see my photo “interpreted” so gloriously in your painting. It’s gorgeous, and I’m simply stunned. If I say so myself, I like your interpretation even better than the original! Thank you, thank you.

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