The New Neighbor.

I work close to a large area of land used as a landfill. It’s a very well-run facility. Trash is brought in and sorted, and then placed in different sections of the site. Fill is brought in to cover the layers and gasses are released as necessary. It is a very modern waste managing facility. Unfortunately, there are days when the wind is blowing just the right way and we all realize…it is still a dump.eagleYou can imagine my surprise when an eagle, the symbol of the United States of America, took up residence. He could have cared less about his surroundings and the negative stereotype it endures. His presence was just as strong as if he was sitting on top of some national statue, not a tree that had seen better days. Two opposite ends of the spectrum–the symbol of our American freedom living in a dump. Political cartoonists would have a field day about that, but I am simply in awe. No political jokes–just appreciation for nature and her magnificence. Seeing these impressive birds can be breathtaking, whether they are perched and waiting or taking off in flight.

Eagles have always been symbols of great power and inspiration to many and several societies have developed numerous mythologies and mysticisms about them. In his book, Animal Speak, author Ted Andrews tells how the Aztecs were guided to settle in an area where they found an eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake and the place would become Mexico City. Other examples he sites include how the ancient Sumerians worshiped an eagle god and to the Pueblo Indians, the eagle was the symbol of the zenith because of its ability to soar to great heights.

An eagle is not an everyday occurrence around here and I’m grateful he moved in. No doubt he has certainly classed up the place. The dump–I mean the recycling and waste disposal facility–is now a destination for birders and photographers. He’s even made the local paper.  And he’s even the subject of my latest painting…

Freedom by roberta m 

6 thoughts on “The New Neighbor.

  1. Wonderful post Roberta! What a treat to have that eagle inhabiting the landfill. Wild creatures seem to improve everything with their presence – their charisma, movement, and beauty are a joy to behold. Mostly hawks around my parts. Would love to spot an eagle! Great painting too.


  2. I hope your eagle stick around for a while. They’re always fascinating to watch. When I lived in Alaska the dump was always exciting to visit. There was an insane number of eagles and the occasional grizzly. Nothing screams America more than eagles fighting over a giant pile of our discarded crap.


  3. A wonderful post and the painting is beautiful! I truly believe that when animals cross our path, they are bringing a message of some sort for us to pay attention. It sounds like he would have been hard to miss!


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