To Quote Goldilocks.

I usually paint bigger canvases; but these little sketches seem just the right size at this time. I can control the smaller palettes easily–their size is more forgiving. This small sense of being in control is somewhat comforting since the current violence and devastation throughout the world makes me feel that so very much is out of our control.

Nothing can eliminate the terrible sadness we feel as we see our fellow human beings suffer, but a little relief is appreciated and I am grateful for a community of bloggers who continue to post their stores, their photographs, their poetry, their artwork–all those creative joys that can provide a bit of much needed inspiration on those days when the news stories are just too exhausting.Leaves_285pxFeathers_285px (2)







We obviously have a choice–to only see the devastation and the fear or to still look for a bit of joy, even in the current state of the world. I will continue to work for a better world, continue to pray for those that lost their lives and for the ones they leave behind; but I will also choose to find a sparkle, a piece of cheer–in this challenging environment in which we live.

I think it is important to continue to share joy and beauty–even when you feel small vulnerable and unimportant. Sometimes a bit of awe or wonder from one amazing thing is all we need to place fear at a lower spot on our list.

These little sketches will some day be part of a bigger painting, but for now–as Goldilocks would declare–they are just right.



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