Never Enough Coffee Mugs.


“The Strip–in abstract” by roberta m.

I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in Las Vegas at a company trade show. Close to two weeks in Las Vegas is way too much for me. I like to people watch as much as the next guy but watching people, even in Sin City, gets old after the first week.

I have to admit I was curious as we drove by Mandalay Bay–wondering if the 32nd floor would show any scars. Obviously, all has been replaced. Across the street where the concert took place, there is a silence that surrounds the area, even though you are on one of the busiest streets in the country. The fencing around the venue is there, the bleachers, too–all waiting for the next event. But there are no events–just memories from the not too distant past and a stage with no performers.

One interesting comment was that the locals do not use the words “massacre” or “shooting”–the horrific event is simply referred to as 1 October. And 1 October is still very real. There is not a souvenir shop on the Strip or a gift shop in a hotel that does not sell Vegas Strong merchandise. I was told the majority of product sales go to a fund that was set up for the victims of 1 October. One shop attendant said they will keep selling the merchandise because those affected will continue to need help. She will all also keep buying the merchandise herself,  because it feels like she is doing something to help–even if it is as simple as buying coffee mugs that she doesn’t need.

I agreed.




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