Sheer Inspirations.


When someone comments that one of my paintings makes them smile or reminds them of a memory of their own, I try to think of ways to help them continue to enjoy that feeling without needing to purchase the original painting. That is how the Birds of Pleasant Valley coffee mugs (see September post) came to be. A practical object (coffee mug) + one of my paintings = a better tasting cup of coffee.


Taking this a step further, I wondered if some of my Everyday Abstractions could transform into a practical object. I researched printing processes, vendors, lead times and e-commerce platforms. The result? Sheer Inspirations.

A practical object (scarf/wrap) + a painting = a striking accessory.

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Wake-Up Call.

Wake Up” by roberta m.

These three words are usually heard after a sudden new health diagnosis or an unexpected accident. It’s a call to action–to start eating healthier, to start exercising, to start paying attention to your driving or to start paying attention to your loved ones.


On the other hand, it can simply refer to getting out of bed.

This painting is a tribute to our neighbor’s family pet–a beautiful but rather vocal rooster. For those that think a rooster crows only at the crack of dawn; you haven’t met this little guy. Continue reading

The Missing E

pv2Living in semi-rural Wisconsin, we have several bars, sometimes referred to as taverns, that can be found throughout the area. Some are small “mom and pop” types of places–some have a full kitchen and a tasty menu–others have banquet areas for weddings or local business meetings. Burgers, wings, beer–you get the idea.

They are perfect venues for spending time with friends. And with so many to choose from, you could go to a different place every week (for a traditional Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry of course) or be loyal to a favorite few. Here is a sign I found outside of a bar that is near my home. Continue reading